Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bluebonnet Season is Coming to a Close

It's that time of year when the bluebonnets have passed their prime and the blossoms are few and far between.

However, I don't dare mow until the seed pods, left behind to ensure next years flowers, have dried and popped.  These pods are still on the green side and will need another week.  Note the Barred Owl feathers.  Our local bobcat is probably to blame.

Photo courtesy of Jayne Jahnke
Until then, my front yard is a disaster with only a few Indian Paintbrush to give it color.

I am actually quite pleased about the paintbrush.  Last year I had just one lone flower (Indian Paintbrush of My Own).  Lucky for me it went to seed and I now have a growing patch of the beauties.

I did harvest some of the pods that were ready and just need a little more time to dry before I shuck them.

I did this last year and had great success (Bluebonnet Seed Harvest).  I may try to gather some of the Indian Paintbrush too, though nature seems to be doing a great job with that.