Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let It Begin

Working in public school means there are a few times of year that are very special.  Of course the week before classes begin is a treat because you get to see your school family again for the first time in months.  The first week is exciting as you meet and greet all those new little people to your classroom.  Thanksgiving break is special as the weather changes and family events are taking shape.  Christmas break is a NECESSITY since you have probably been working 40 hours a week with the kids and another 10, 15, 20, 25 or more preparing and planning for them, plus the demands on you personally with friends and family increase with the holidays.  It's rejuvenating.  Which brings us to today.  Today begins another time of year that is special.  IT'S SPRING BREAK!

Why is this week that does not surround a formal holiday of gifts, food, or candy sooooo special?

  1. Here in Texas (and many other parts of the U.S.) have experienced a longer and colder than normal winter.  Here we received snow and ice 4 times in 3 weeks and more just a few days ago.  I'm over it.  Let it be spring.
  2. Coming back to school after Christmas is hard for young children.  All the gifts and excitement are great, but transitioning back to order and structure is difficult.  For a teacher it can be more draining to get everyone back in routine at this time than it is when school first starts.  By March a rest is more than welcome.
  3. It is the last break before the haul to the finish line.  It is a time to breath and store up your energy to get you through the last 2 1/2 -3 months.
  4. You can still take a ski trip in some parts of the country or head to the beach and tan in others.  What other time of year can you do that?
  5. Did I mention it's been a long winter?  Just to be outside in the sunshine, working in the garden or reading a book on the porch is a treat.
I have many plans for my break, which I probably will only get to 50% of.  That's okay.  I am not going to put pressure on myself to complete all my "wants."  One thing I will be doing is reading.  I love to read a little every night before bed, but this year, on those slightly-chilly-but-not-too-cold-mornings, I want to read with my coffee by a fire in the fire pit.  Unfortunately, I read the last page of the last book in the house that I have not read just this past week.  I went 2 days with no options, then 3 things happened all at once.  Yes, another list.
  1. My sweet neighbor gave me a huge bag of paperbacks to peruse and pick from.  Life saver.  
    Thank you, Lucy.
  2. I found the local library, got a library card, and checked out some knitting and crafts books.  
    The card cost me $24 since I live out of the county (with no discount for ISD employees, darn it), but I will more than get my money's worth by not buying books (a commitment I made earlier in the year).
  3. Some wonderful friends gave Breck and me a book that we will enjoy for years to come.  As you know by now, if you know me at all, we love traveling to see all the Texas State Parks, but plan to move on to the National ones as well.  
    Thank you Lauren and Jeff.  Very thoughtful.
So let Spring Break begin.   I am starting mine with coffee and friends by the fire.
To all you teachers out there, my hope is you enjoy, recharge, and make wonderful memories.