Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One and Done

40 days ago I bought my first skein of yarn to learn how to knit.  40 days later I am completely hooked. No, that would be crochet, which I also enjoy.  I just can't think of a good pun for knitting.  Anyway.  The first project I made was a scarf.  Not super proud of it, but I did learn a lot.  I should have since I took the thing apart and started over about 7 times.  It's paparazzi shy so I have no photos.

In the beginning Rudy was fascinated by my work and Kracken just wanted to steal my yarn.
For what ever reason, probably naivete' on my part, I thought it was a good idea to jump from a scarf which didn't turn out that great to socks.  Socks!  Oh my, was it a challenge.  Between juggling up to 5 needles at once and my Inhibitors it's amazing I finished.  By finished I mean one sock.

My sock will be lonely, living live as one part of a pair.  I won't be making another.  Well, that isn't exactly true.  I won't make a match for this one, but I will make more socks.  This one has some definite problems learning curve spots.

But know I get the mechanics of holding the needles.  I have an understanding of the stitches and what they do.  I can shape a cuff, heel, gusset, and a toe.  Also, this was a pattern for an ankle sock (don't laugh, I know its 14 inches long), but I wanted practice so I didn't stop knitting.  Because the cuff dimensions were for an ankle, it didn't do well over the calf to the knee.  A little snug.

At this point I have two options.  One is to mount the guy and hang it in my sewing room.  I like this idea.  The other is to stuff it with batting and catnip as a toy for Kracken.  He obviously has loved this wool yarn from the beginning.