Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Want. I Want. I Want.

 Before you judge me by the title, let me say it's not as selfish as it sound.  I do though have a list (those who know me are not surprised I have a list).  These are items I would like to save for this year and buy or build. I have so many financial goals, and run a pretty tight home budget, so even something as simple as a mop is on my list.
  • Oreck Steam-It Mop.  Crazy I want to save for a mop, but this one would be great with all my tile (puppy paws, dirty shoe prints, and unidentified spills).  
  • Potting Bench.  I would love to have a space to keep all my garden goodies and to hang a grow light for my seedlings.  There are plenty of plans out there, I just need to narrow down my options.  Tools are also an issue here, since most of mine were ruined at our last house by the pool chemicals and humidity in the garage.
  • House plants.  I haven't really had any for some time.  They can be expensive and I have to be careful with my cats since Inhibitor #2 likes to chew on everything.  Oh, but something tall and graceful in the corner would be wonderful in a big beautiful pot.
  • We are really enjoying the fire pit these days with our Adirondack chairs and grill, but a picnic table for the spring and summer would be a perfect addition.

So far my list is pretty reasonable.  From here on out, though, it gets a little more involved.
  • Bead board ceilings on the screened porch, back patio, and front porch
  • Stampled slate in those same areas.

  • Furniture, blinds, and lamps for the office
  • Blinds for the windows and woodwork in the game room (yep, it made the list again this year).
  • Small flagstone patio off the screened porch with 2 chairs and a table
In addition, I really want to paint my bedroom ceiling and the office.  I think the list is manageable.