Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What A Silly Struggle

I'm pretty cheap.  I'm not "let's reuse the empty Parkey tubs for cereal bowls" cheap (though I will recycle them), but I am known for my not spending ways.  Frugal?  Well, yes, I'm that too.  But I am cheap.  Why is this important?  This lack of ability to spend money is sometimes pure crazy.  Without exaggeration I can say I have been known to put things from my basket back onto the shelves at the dollar store before heading to the checkout counter.  Sorry, I drifted there a moment.  Why again is this important?

By now most people who received a gift card for a Christmas gift have either a) spent it, b) regifted it, or c) lost it.  Not me.  My wonderful husband gave me a gift card to one of my favorite over priced stores, Pottery Barn.  I have been to the website more times than I can count over the last three weeks and filled my cart only to panic and exit with out spending any portion of the amount.  Who does that?  It's money I don't have to put in the budget.  It's money I don't need to sacrifice in one area to have it to spend on a frivolous, but beautiful, what-ch-ma-call-it for the house.  They even have been running a free shipping special!  Oh, and did I mention the items I put in my cart are also on the clearance sale?  What is wrong with me?

Today, folks, I resolve to end this lunacy.  I WILL spend my gift card.  I WILL NOT feel guilty buying something for my home that I know I will love.  I WILL.  I WILL.  I WILL.  May be.