Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coffee by the Fire

Coffee around a warm fire in the fire pit on Sunday morning turned into quiet an unexpected show.

The birds, in mass, came and went from the feeder for hours.

There were cardinals and tufted goldfinches.

Tufted titmice and chickadees.

They came and went and barely seemed bothered by our presence or the smoke from the fire.

I have gotten better about identifying species and even, on occasion, can tell the males from the females.

At one point 9 cardinals lined the branched in the tree the feeder is hung in.

In case you can't find them all . . . here's a little help.

And on the ground, eating the seed the others tossed aside were doves and our resident yellow bellied sap sucker.

I would like to go back through all the photos I look to see just how many different types we had visit.  I couldn't even hazard a guess, but I can tell you this.  There will be more coffees by the fire in our future.