Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Perfect Spot for Future Sunsets

One of the things I love best about our property is that we live on a hill that slopes off in the back by 30 feet.  Great for views of the river valley, but bad when you can't find a single level surface in the yard to pop up a chair to watch the sunset or to sit around a warm fire.  So this year Breck and I decided to rectify that issue and have a patio put in.  We each had different details to the design that were important to us and I think we got it right.

Day 1
The excavation was the most difficult part for us because it was done on a Friday and we had to wait all weekend until Monday to see the stone start to go in.

Day 2
The brought in a lot of moss rock to shape the whole thing out.  We really wanted it to look like it blended into the yard, so natural materials were a must.

Day 3
By now I am getting excited!  It's all still very rough, but I can see it in my mind and can hardly wait for more progress.

Day 4
Ahhhh.  Came home from work to find the stone work done, the crushed granite spread, and the pit ready for business.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that we now have a flat surface in the yard.  And the stairs to get there are such an upgrade.  Trust me.  Going up that hill on damp grass was problematic.  Another benefit is that we no longer need to mow this section of the yard with a push mower or weed wacker!  It was just too steep for the tractor mower.

Add a little furniture and we are all set for some s'mores, good company, and lots of sunsets.

5 chairs now and one in a box to assemble.

There's a project for the weekend.