Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fog. Fabulous Fog.

If you have been around since the beginning, you know I'm a fool for foggy mornings.

The fence line between me and my neighbor's back 10
Whenever I see a fog bank roll in I cannot control myself.

Looking up the street from my mailbox as the bank rolled in.
It's a compulsion I choose not to curb.

March grasses poking up in Spring 2012
Grabbing my camera and slipping on a pair of shoes (maybe), I always head out the door anticipating the thrill of the landscape I have come to know like the back of my hand changing in some wonderful way.

March 2012
Things always look a little different in the morning light through fog.  Glorious.  Glorious.

What was once our land, now sold to someone who will call it home.
But progress is coming.  And things are changing.

Not just because the fog that greeted me and my coffee this morning is now slowly burning off and returning the day to its familiar clarity.

But because what once brought me great happiness to photograph on a morning not that long ago, has changed from this . . .

 . . . to this.

November  16, 2013
You would think this might make me a little sad, but actually, it doesn't.  I enjoy the pictures I took all the more, and I am reminded that each moment in time is one to be relished.   Two of the pictures I took on that day back in 2011 are hanging on my wall.  They still make me happy everyday.

And our new neighbors seem like lovely people who will enjoy living in this little corner of wonderful as much as Breck and I do.  I wonder if they will want to see any of the pictures I took of their land to see what it looked like back when it was ours, and one of my favorite places to photograph?  Goodness knows I have plenty to share.