Sunday, October 20, 2013

So Many Jalapenos!

I've mentioned before that my one jalapeno plant has been the most prolific plant in my garden.  On any given day I can harvest a pepper for the kitchen if I need one.  On this day I harvested 20.  Yes, 20 from one bush.

I've made jalapeno jelly, and I plan to make more, but I really just wanted to get these peppers in the freezer for soups and enchiladas this winter

The nice thing about peppers is that unlike other vegetables, they do not need to be blanched before freezing.

No, the color isn't funky.  I wear gloves when I work with jalapenos.

Did I mention that there are still a full dozen peppers on the plant that will need to be used this week?  I wish all my veggies were this successful.

I like pre-chopping the peppers so that I can flash freeze them.

 Once they are frozen in a single layer, I can put them into a bag and remove only what I need when I need it because they won't be stuck together.

And don't worry.  Even my scraps got used.  They made their way into my compost bin.