Friday, October 4, 2013

New Project: Finished!

If you have hung in with me on this projected and all my vagueness, you will be happy to know it's finally done!  You can go back to see the process by clicking on the links above, or here is a quick recap:  I picked my palette based on a photo from New Mexico, layered gold and brown paint on wooden numbers and letters, and layered the cool grays and blues on a board 12" x 24".  See, you didn't miss a thing.

 I was very happy with the way the blues and grays came out when I went over the wood with some fine grit sandpaper to reveal the layers.  I really wanted a weathered but not sloppy look.

Now for the big revel.  Did you wonder what the heck all the numbers and letters were for?  This might be a give away.

After getting the spacing the way I liked it, l  set everything with a good binding glue.

And the next set.  Are you familiar with latitude and longitude?  If you plot this on a map, it is the spot where my friends Allie and Marcus (now Mr. & Mrs.) were standing when they said their vows of marriage.  Well, with in a few feet.  The actual would have required a two decimal points and 4 more numbers which would have made the sign WAY longer.

I used Google Earth to find the spot.

Even after the coordinates were glued, I just couldn't leave well enough alone.  I added some of the brown paint to the edges of the back board to give it a little more somethin' someethin', then lightly sanded it.

A couple hangers on the back . . .

and a personal note (get it - "world" and latitude longitude on the globe?) . . .

and I still couldn't leave it alone.  I decided to paint over the whole thing with some Mod Podge to try and achieve a look of layers and layers of paint over time.

It created a texture and depth that was lacking, I think.  These are before and after Mod Podge photos of the same corner.  See the difference?

If I had known I was going to do the Mod Podge, I could have probably painted it on before I did the characters, but I don't think that would have been a good choice.  The letters would not have laid flat on the board with the texture underneath, and I wanted the swirls of texture to emulate someone painting around the character obstacles.  In the end I was happy with the result and how the project took off from my inspiration photo.

Now to FINALLY be able to give it to the bride and groom.