Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just Out My Front Door

I am so lucky to live exactly were I want to be.

Just out my front door and down the street to the left is a beautiful spot in our neighborhood for walking, enjoying the outdoors, and spotting tokens of petrified wood.  (You know I'm a nut for it)

Talking a long walk through the reserve is one of my favorite weekend activities.  This morning Breck and I trekked out to see what changes have been occurring since the weather began cooling.

We apparently were not the only ones to think that sounded like a good idea.

And just like at Bastrop State Park last weekend, we found lots in bloom.

And many things that we just found . . . pretty.

Yes, even the hornets were . . . pretty.

And the wispy clouds and amazing blue sky was a treat.

Wild grapes?  Reminds me that I really need to make more jam.

 How stunning is this?  Can any state park have any more to offer than this?

I wonder how many of my neighbors wander the paths like we do?

Goodness knows it's the best time of year for it.

Unless you want to wait a few weeks when the leaves really begin to change and not just dabble with the idea on a branch or two.

Yep.  Pretty happy right where I am.