Sunday, October 27, 2013

Essential Oil Essential

It's that time of year that I need to start getting my ducks in a row.  After sitting down the husband over coffee and talking about things we would like to do, I think we have come up some good ideas.  Step one in order to complete some of those gifts is to make some rosemary essential oil from my garden.

I know I could buy it, but why?  I have been growing rosemary for years and have plenty.   Besides, it just adds another level to homemade.  Yes, someone might see this and make a connection when they receive their gift, but that will just show them how much love went into it.

It's pretty easy to make essential oil.  I just filled a pint jar with freshly picked rosemary from the garden, making sure to bruise the leaves as I packed it tight, and poured in enough canola oil to totally cover the leaves.

After covering it with heavy plastic (a sandwich bag cut open and the ziplock removed), I screwed on a jar ring to hold it in place.  This will sit for a couple weeks in the light, but not direct sun.  After that, I will strain off the old herbs and replace them with more fresh cut rosemary and wait again.  Repeat.

I'm really excited about this gift, as I am with the others that we put on our list to make.  And do you remember all that wood I cut way back in February ( Getting A Jump On Christmas 2013)?  Well, it's time to get that project going again.

Let the parade of nonstop Christmas begin.