Monday, October 14, 2013

A Happy Day In The Garden

We didn't have students today at work since it was parent/teacher conference day.  Translation - I came home from work with enough energy to get into the garden and take care of some business.  First let me show you how the tomatoes are growing.  Nice, huh?

And plenty of new blossoms mean more down the road.

I fretted over the carrots, but one of the rows has made an appearance.  Digging them up when they are ready is going to be a treat.

The onions, another of those I-have-no-idea-what's-happening-underground crops, seem to be thriving as well.

And the cucumbers continue to produce.

I have about 20 little ones all about the same size.  That means pickles in another week or two!

What else?  I have a couple zucchini that should be ready this weekend.

More jalapenos.  I picked 6, but left a dozen more on the bush.  I'm thinking about canning some salsa.

The lettuce, celery, and pole beans are doing well, and so is my lemon tree!  I'm crossing my fingers that some of these will make it so I can indulge in some warm lemonade tea this winter.

I am trying to decide if I will cut the gourds, or allow them to dry over the winter on the vine and use them for crafts next year.  Until I decide, they continue to hang.

So what did I discover while strolling the garden?  It has been holding its own without me.  I am actually a little proud.  But I also found the basil really needed to be harvested.  Some stems are in full bloom.

And others have gone completely to seed.

Ideally, the blooms would have been pinched back, but as I have mentioned before, I have been a little busy since going back to work.  At any rate, I did cut all the basil tonight and got it ready for something yummy.

More on that tomorrow.