Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Chili Early Fall Evening

In spite of the fact that I had spent the previous day in the kitchen making meals for the freezer, I still felt the need to make one more.  I swung by the grocery store on my way home from work and picked up a couple items that I was lacking to make a big pot of chili.  It just sounded good.  With a Habanero Cheese and Beer Bread Biscuit on the side and a sprinkle of cheese and dollop of sour cream I called it dinner.

Now I have 3 more meals in the freezer plus 8 big biscuits to eat with the chili or soup.  I used my Beer Bread recipe with Habanero Cheese, green onion, and Shiner Boc beer, but dropped the dough from a spoon onto parchment paper to rise before baking instead of using a bread pan and baked for 30 minutes.  Loved this cheese, but next time I'll toss in some chopped jalapeno for more heat.