Friday, September 20, 2013

Too Early?

Sometimes I wake up in the early hours of the morning and all the sheep in the world cannot put me back to sleep.  I used to toss and turn and create a wadded mess of the sheets before giving up and starting my day frustrated.  I don't do that anymore, but I still have those wide awake 2am days.  Like today.

At 2am for whatever reason I woke up.  By 2:30 I decided I had wasted enough time and got out of bed. Back when we lived in Houston I would take this time to grocery shop at a 24 hour grocery, but out here in the country there is no such thing as 24 anything (except maybe a few gas stations in town).  So I didn't shop, but I got a lot of junk mail sorted, dishes cleaned, laundry put away, and I canned some jalapenos.

I did.  Crazy, I know.  Who cans vegetables before having their first cup of coffee?

It needed to be done.  Yesterday, on a trip to check on the garden, I harvested 12 jalapenos from my one little pepper plant.

It won't be the end of my bounty either since it is covered in blossoms and several small peppers.  I didn't want to freeze them, though they freeze well, and I have been intrigued by recipes for Cowboy Candy (I chose to try SB Canning's recipe).   I had all the ingredients on hand, so why not?  Well, I was short on jalapenos so I grabbed my flashlight and picked 3 more of the small ones in the dark. My timing was good, because shortly after I began my chopping it began to rain.  Glorious rain.

I only put up one half-pint, but we will give it a try with some cream cheese and crackers (maybe at Thanksgiving), see how it tastes, and maybe make more.  Now I can sit and have my coffee before heading off to work.