Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Was Great!!!!

Today was a great day!  Someone very dear to me had a very delicate surgery to remove a tumor from her brain.  All indications are she is going to make a wonderful recovery.

She is not a close friend.  We never talked on the phone or shared super personal stories.  We didn't see each other socially outside of work or exchange Christmas gifts.  But she is someone very dear to me.

We worked at the same school in classrooms side by side.  We shared Lunch Bunch on Fridays and a love for the kids in our school.

Why is she so dear?  The experience she has been through over the last few months since finding out she had a tumor has touched me.  The stories told up and down the hallways of my school have been inspiring.

Shannon is one of those people who truly gives.  She is well known for her random acts of kindness.  Each year on her birthday she performs an act of kindness for each year she has been blessed with life.  What a legacy.

Today in our school to honor her giving nature and to support her with positive energy,  we wore shirts that she had designed for our school staff when our school was celebrating it's 50th birthday.  We also got to wear jeans for the price of $1.  Why $1?  So we would have a pool of money to perform our own random act of kindness.  Ideas are pouring in as to how to spend the $135, and all of them are good.  One I really liked was to buy scholastic books to donate to MD Anderson for children hospitalized for cancer treatment. Love it.  Last week we wore jeans for $1 and it was donated to cancer research.  So wonderful.

So today was a really good day.

To read more about Shannon you can go to her blog at Sweet Blessings.  She is amazing.