Saturday, September 7, 2013

Checking In With The Garden

A quick update on the garden.  As you can see, things are looking good.  The gourd plants have gone crazy taking over the trellis, the fence, the ground between the beds, and everywhere I will let it grow.

The jalapenos, after getting a slow start, have done very well.  I hope to get enough to make a jar or two of Cowboy Candy.

The cucumber I started from seed is in full bloom and thriving.

I even have a few cucumbers that have begun to grow.  This guy is about 1 1/4" .

The basil, tomatoes, and brocolli are doing well also, but the gourds are the stars of the show.

Some are still very green, but some of the first ones to develop have begun to turn orange.

It's going to be cool to see if these keep their green stripes or turn completely orange.

There are new ones still growing everyday.

And there are still bugs, but I don't think these squash beetles are doing much damage.  The flowers still bloom and gourds are forming.  So close to the end of the season I am not going to worry.

I have a lot, so I hope to have enough make it through that I can share a few.