Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Sign Of Fall

I have been quite neglectful of my garden for the last few weeks.  Sunrise is getting later and later so it is dark in the morning when I leave for work, and I have not had the energy in the afternoons when I get home. Yesterday, after receiving pictures of my neighbor's garden, I made the time to wander up to see how things were going.  Unfortunately, my carrot and lettuce seeds didn't sprout.  In their defense it has been hot.  I also have some powder mildew on the gourds that is making its way to my zucchini.  No problem there, a little organic spray and things will be back to normal.  Even though my carrots suffered from lingering summer, my gourds seem to sense the impending fall and have begun turning orange!

This was just a quick cell phone shot.  I need to get some others of these gourds so you can see how two little seeds planted in May just took over everything!