Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why Do I Bother

I'll get right to the point.  I compost.  Up until this year I did not do so with regularity and I found it a bit of a chore.  Funny how one 4 x 6 foot square of dirt can change your thinking.

Fall 2011
I first began composting when I panicked over a landfill to be built near my home.  How foolish.  First of all, the landfill is no big deal and second of all the amount I "feed" my compost is truly not enough to have made a difference (the recycling I do is a whole other matter) and it's biodegradable.  I also was unmotivated to keep things going when it got hot and dry and downright depressing around here.  So my compost bin sat for a year doing nothing.

This year, with the creation of my garden and a desire to make it self sufficient (code for I don't want to spend money on anything but seeds)  I got back into it.   Yesterday alone I chopped 2 pounds of kitchen scraps to add to the bin:  carrot shavings, celery tops, egg shells, banana peels, shriveled blueberries, onion peels, strawberry tops, zucchini ends, mushroom stems  . . . you get the idea.

2 pounds!  I know it was a big cooking-for-the-freezer kind of day, but 2 pounds of kitchen scrap is a lot.  What a waste to send it to the garbage.   I topped it off with another earth-making goody from our office.  Shredded bills.  There is a sense of satisfaction turning identity theft fodder into something good and useful.

The equal parts of kitchen scraps and office shred went into the bin.  You can see the stuff I fed it earlier has already begun to break down.  After this shot I gave it a good stir and a sprinkle of water from my rain barrel.

I can't show you the end result yet.  Composting does take time.  But hopefully by next spring, as I am getting ready to plant my new crops, I will have some nice black nutritious compost to spread around made from stuff I would have thrown away before.   It also means no more having to buy it from the store.

So between the compost and my rain barrel, I think I am doing okay.  My barrel is getting low so I wouldn't complain if we got a little rain to top it off.