Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Leaving The Nursery

4 weeks ago I planted tomato and cucumber seeds indoors under a florescent light.  They are big enough now to move from the comfort of their little seedling nursery (also known as Breck's office) to the garden.

Before planting, I needed to get up some support structures.  Using what I had, Breck and I cut down several 7' yaupon and stripped them of their branches.  I then got out my drill and made holes in each branch at 12 inch intervals.

I used four of the stakes in a corner to plant my first tomato.   Using some wire I had laying around the garage, I secured the branches at the top to hold them together much like I did the teepee set up for the pole beans.

Then I ran wire through the holes I drilled to give the tomato plant some support as it grows.

It was hot yesterday so I only made one and called it quits.  This morning, as the sun was coming up, I planted one of the largest tomatoes under the structure.  I had to work quickly so I could get to a work function I had scheduled on time.

I wanted to leave a small collar around the stem to hopeful ward off cutworms, so I trimmed the lower part of my growing container (plastic cup) and removed it.

All that was left was to tuck it into a nice hole, spread a little more compost and a small amount of blood meal around and work it into the dirt.  Oh, and I watered.

I also buried a large plastic juice container salvaged from my recycling bin to use as a deep waterer (I know it's not a real word).  I drilled a few holes in opposite sides to water not just tomato plant #1, but also #2 which will get planted in the next few days.

Now that the dirt is backfilled around the jug, I can add water and compost tea directly to the roots.

Just like yesterday afternoon, today is a hot one.  Later tonight I hope to get my cucumber trellis up so I can get that little guy into the ground as well.  It is rapidly outgrowing its pot.