Sunday, August 11, 2013


So many things make me happy living out where I do.  I love the sound of nothing.  I love the light of the moon.  And I love the creatures I share this space with.

Yesterday morning while having our morning coffee, I heard a bird call that was new to me.  I can identify the cardinal, the wrens, and the woodpeckers, but this morning I heard a bird that I had not heard since moving here 3 years ago.  Breck was quick to identify it as a quail.  We grabbed our binoculars and went to sit on the back patio to see if we could catch a glimpse.  We could hear its call, and others further away in reply.  We were not so fortunate then to see the lovely bird, but later in the afternoon, Breck sneaked in the front door from doing yard work  to alert me to the fact that the creature with the telltale call was foraging in our landscaping.  Of course I was thrilled!  I grabbed my camera and followed him to the front yard.

There in my bed was a Northern Bobwhite Quail.  At first he froze, watching to see what we would do.  He stood there only moments before feeling safe enough to continue his search for bugs.  He wandered into the lawn and did not seem the least bit intimidated by us, picking off a wasp here and there (thank you, Mr. Quail).

I was amazed how close he let us get, and how close he wandered to us!  So tame and not what I expected.

Hopefully he (yes a male) will stick around.  Judging from the turned mulch in my flower beds, he has been around a few days and I just didn't notice.  I will be more observant now.  Quail was on my list of birds I most wanted to see and photograph.  Since taking these photographs I have done a little research and found that quail live in coveys (groups of 8-20 quail), so my chances of seeing more are very good.  They are also on the Near Threatened list for extinction.