Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Panoramic Views of Caprock Canyons State Park

Number 29 on our quest was Caprock Canyons State Park which we visited on July 5th.  From the time we entered the park we knew we were someplace special.

I took more photos here than at any of the other parks on this leg of our journey to visit all 93.

And though you might think there would be nothing but red walled canyons and desert greenery, you would be wrong.  There is also a beautiful 120 acre lake with many herd trails where the 80 bison that call this home make their way to the edge.

But yes, there are many more stunning canyon views to be had.

They go on for miles and miles.

The park is over 15,000 acres.

Everywhere you look there are amazing things to see.

This was my favorite view.

There are 90 miles of trails (no, that is not a typo), but we ventured out on a short 4 mile hike.  After all, it was our 3rd park of the day and our 7th in 3 days.  We were pretty whipped.

Seeing the white gypsum layer up close was very cool.  Touching it was even more amazing.  It is strong enough to hold up tons of rock, but flakes apart like powder when you touch it.

Here you can see layers and layers of the stuff.

As it wears away it leaves behind these stunning rock formations.

Of course there was plenty of plant life as well.

And a few small areas where there was even grass.

A recent flash flood had eroded some parts of the trail and left water behind in a creek bed we passed.

And I just had to get a picture of this sign.  Can you tell what it says?  It advertises the location of the Primative Camping Area.  Not sure many people use it anymore since the sign was almost completely over grown.  Primitive indeed.  (Yes, I noticed they spelled it incorrectly.  It's okay.  I spell stuff wrong all the time.)

Here is the site.  Nice view.  And you would have the place all to yourself.

We finished up as the shadows were getting long, but before the sun set.

A great time to get off the trail and back on the road.  This park is a must see.  We are already talking about going back in the fall when it isn't so hot.  I can hardly wait to be there in the morning light for pictures of the cliffs.