Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So Far, So Good!

Thanks to the watchful eye of my neighbor Lucy, my Inhibitors and my garden thrived while Breck and I were off gallivanting around Texas and New Mexico.

The Bush Squash (seen in the foreground of the picture above) has grown so much since we left and is covered in soon-to-be blossoms.

Both gourds are doing well also.  The one that broke ground first last month from seed has really taken off.

I especially hope these do well.  Though not edible, I have wanted to grow my own gourds since Breck and I bought our first home in Dallas 26 years ago.

The Pole Beans have not grown as quickly as I thought they would, though they seem to be doing fine with a couple small blossoms developing.  I haven't had any slugs or pill bugs since putting down a sprinkle of food grade diatomaceous earth last week.  It's completely safe to use around my edibles.

The basil has finally established itself.  It's come a long way from the two tiny leaves it had when I transplanted them.  I am especially proud of these since they were grown from seeds I harvested from last year's basil.  I would like to do more harvesting of my own seeds so I won't need to buy new ones every year and I will only keep seeds from varieties that were successful.

After checking out the garden and getting these progress photos, Breck and I spotted this white-tailed deer in the back yard.  She started off way in the back of the property by the horseshoe pits.

Gradually she made her way up the hill toward the house and we could get an even better look.

She wandered about for nearly half an hour, nibbling on small oaks and things we couldn't see in the taller grass.

If she will stay out of my garden she will be a welcome visitor anytime.