Friday, July 5, 2013

Number 25: Lake Mineral Wells State Park

After leaving Dinosaur Valley, we headed over to Lake Mineral Wells State Park (our 2nd of 3 parks we would visit that day).

The park is huge, over 3,000 acres, with so many places to camp and picnic.  There are more miles to hike than you can do in a day.  We went to Penitentiary Hollow, a narrow canyon set up with rappelling hook along the top edge.

We started at the top on the cliffs with a view of the great lake.

And we worked our way down the shady trail that led us around the ridge and down into the canyon.

The breezes were cool and very welcome, though the temperatures were low again this day.  Strange for upper 80's to be the high in Texas in July.  Mind you, that is not a complaint.

The trail led to the lake shore, then headed back up.

We didn't see much wildlife, though we were looking at our feet much of the time on the rocky trail.

One more peek at the lake.  This may be my favorite park yet.  It is.  So much to do.  Don't plan a day trip if you make the drive.  Rent a cabin in the park or pitch a tent.  You need more than a day to really explore.