Sunday, July 28, 2013


For the first time since beginning our bucket list of state parks, we returned to one for a second visit.  Breck and I had both been to Somerville State Park separately (my wonderful encounter with a sweet puppy was here), but we went back together yesterday together with our son Trevor.  It was cloudy which is a blessing for comfort but a curse for photography.  Since the water was 4 feet lower than when I made the trip back in March, there were different things to photograph.  These cypress skeletons were beautiful.

Until recently you would not even know they existed just below the surface.

This one was covered in strands of fishing line and trapped bobbers from someone's errant casting.

But the highlight of the day (aside from spending time with my husband and son, of course) was seeing the dozens of pelicans (there are 40 in this shot alone) and Roseate Spoonbills.  They all started out on shore, but as we approached they moved together in one line out into the lake.  The picture is awful (wrong setting, bad light, poor choice in lens), but you get the idea.

I was truly regretting only having my one lens and leaving the telephoto one in the car.  My mistake.  They would have been great to get closeup shots of with their beautiful pink feathers and spoon-shaped bills.

I guess I may just need to go back.  Maybe next time with my kayak.