Monday, July 29, 2013

Divide and Conquer the Iris

It's hot.  Summer in Texas, what can I say.  There was a project I wanted to get my hands on outside today, but I waited until the shadows took over my front yard and the temperature began to creep down (96 degrees at 7:25 pm) to get started.  I have several Yellow Flag Iris in the landscaping, but they have become large and in desperate need of dividing.

I got out the pitch fork and loosened up the soil around the root ball.  After that it was easy to divide out several large clumps of rhizomes for replanting.

I only replanted four, but that was plenty to fill in the blank spaces.

I had several left over, but the rhizomes on those were not large so I am letting them go.  It's okay, really.  I still have 6 more to divide.

But that, my friends, will be another day.  One a day is enough in the Texas heat.