Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dinner At Dives

We hit 3 more Texas State Parks today, but believe it or not, I want to tell you about the food.  We stopped at two really good, really different restaurants for dinner over the last two days.  What they had in common was they were both recommended by Texas Monthly Magazine:  one from the list of top 50 BBQs and the other from top 50 burgers.

The first was Cousin's BBQ in Fort Worth.

I promise you we were not the only "tourists" taking pictures.

The atmosphere is what I would have expected.

And the food was fantastic.  Some of the best fried okra I have ever had.  We tried a little of everything (it's okay because we are on vacation):  chopped beef baker, pulled pork, German sausage, and sliced brisket.

And wall dedicated to Clint really made my day.  Too cheesy?  Sorry.

Dinner tonight was at Gene's in Wichita Falls.

Just a little place in a run down part of town with a couple guys running the grill and a great lady serving it up.

This is their Frisco Burger.  Yep.  That is Chili on the outside.  Yep.  You eat it with a fork.

Pickles, onion, and tomato with a thick burger patty on a toasted bun . . . with chili on the outside.

Pretty sure Breck liked it.

I'll let you know all about the 3 parks we visited today another day.  One was easily my favorite park yet.  And I believe Texas Monthly has a top 50 Mexican restaurant list as well.  Stay tuned.