Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 Welcome Guests and 100 Pests

It's not that I don't want to sew.  I would love to get back in my sewing room and crank out a few new blocks.  It's just that my garden is so interesting!  This morning on my walk through to check my squash and gourds for aphids and other pests, I found this little guy just hanging out on a giant gourd leaf.

Cute, right?  He is only and 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches long.

Such a welcome creature who will hopefully help with the bugs.

I had seen some droppings yesterday on a leaf, thought they might be from a lizard, but now that I have seen this guy I think the mystery has been solved.

I also found that my first bud has bloomed.  This is on my gourd plant also.  It is growing so fast.  It already stands 3 feet with lots of buds that won't be far behind this one.  However, the ants are a problem.

When I found aphids last Monday on the squash (I note these things on my Garden Calendar if you are interested in my journal), I sprayed with a home mix of dish soap, vegetable oil, and water and have since not seen any more aphids.  The ants like the aphid honeydew so they were my tip that I had a problem.  Since I don't see any aphids here, I am not sure what the attraction is, but they are unwanted guests.  I sprinkled (a bit too liberally) some diatomaceous earth (completely food grade and non-toxic) on the plant.

I'll shake the excess off in a few hours, but I'm hoping this will do the trick.  I also plan to put some Vaseline around the lower stems of all the plants since I read that the ants won't cross the greasy stuff.  I love old farmer tricks.