Monday, June 24, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Coffee Cake? Rhetorical. Everyone Does.

What a weekend.  Lots of people I love and care about, but that I don't get to see very often from New York, Boston, Dallas, and Austin joined us.  

There was Stanley Cup hockey on TV, a Dairy Queen Blizzard run (ice cream doesn't travel well, by the way), laser tag, bowling, horseshoes, and lots of card games.  (Have you ever played flux?)  But there was also food.  A house full of mostly veggie eaters meant lots of fresh food:  roasted new potatoes with pesto, zucchini with wild rice and quinoa, ramen broccoli slaw with tomatoes and yellow peppers, zucchini boats with mozzarella, garlic, and toasted panko, and of course breakfast.  We broke out the Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls that I had put into the freezer in May (Cinnamon Rolls.  Yep.  Cinnamon Rolls.) with cantaloupe and blueberries one morning and a Blueberry Coffee Cake the other.

I love this recipe.  The streusel topping really makes it.  So does the moist cake and juicy blueberries.  It's all pretty wonderful.

Yummy.  I followed the recipe pretty closely, but I did add an entire pint of blueberries.  I saved back about a 1/4 cup and sprinkled them on top of the batter in the pan before putting the streudel on the cake.  You can see a couple of the little guys peeking through.  I also made my own buttermilk with lemon juice and 2% milk since I didn't have buttermilk in the refrigerator.

Next time I will toss the berries in a small amount of reserved flour before blending them into the batter.

This was great for a crowd, but I want to try and make it with my little 6" spring form pans so I can freeze them for when it's just Breck and I.