Friday, June 21, 2013

While I Wait On My Garden

My neighbor Lucy's garden is inspiring.

Everything she has planted this year looks amazing.  From her snake beans . . .

(are they huge or what?)

to her big beefy tomatoes just ripening . . .

and those that have a little ways to go.  The number of tomatoes she has on just one plant makes me drool.

She will have fresh watermelons this year as well.

And hot peppers for her spicy taste in food.

Until my garden gets going, I need to settle for what I can get at our local farmer's market.

They always have great local produce.

I got plenty.

For $20 I got 2 yellow bell peppers, 4 green bell peppers, 8 red potatoes, 20 pickling cucumbers, 3 carrots, 4 yellow squash, 1 zucchini, 2 onions and 1 cantaloupe.

Score.  Now to make some pickles.