Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The day didn't exactly start out as planned.

I was just running some kitchen scraps to the compost when I heard a lot of popping and cracking noise coming from one of our front trees.

I woke up Breck and had him come take a listen.

I think we stood in the driveway looking up for may be 30 seconds when a 30+ foot limb came crashing down toward us.

Of course we jumped out of the way just in time or this would be a completely different post.

The damage the drought has done to our trees is sad.  This tree had lots of healthy leaves and new growth, but the dry wood  just couldn't support the weight.

Breck made quick work of the limb so we could get our cars out of the driveway.

Aside from a few logs and leaves, it looks great.

And the wood chips left from the chainsaw work will be great in the garden or compost.

I'm thinking compost.

Breck was not the only productive one today.  I finally finished the rabbit fence complete with a gate..

Now grow, little veggies, grow.

I couldn't walk away until it was finished, but now I can get some sewing done.