Friday, June 7, 2013

The Shade Garden Thrives

I know it has taken WAY too long to get this project completed.

Breck and I started work on our shade garden back on Mother's Day weekend (A New Garden In The Shade),

Finding this little bunny at Hobby Lobby (50% off score!) got me rejuvenated in the project, and the push I needed to get it done.  I am usually not a "statue in the garden" type person . . . but he's cute, right?

Everything is really thriving, including our trellised vine which is still putting out beautiful flowers.

And the Caladiums are going crazy!  Hopefully the 6 new additions I have made will fill in and do well also.

I can't really call it finished yet.  I would like to move 2 move accent rocks into the space (and upgrade the furniture in the background).

I also need a taller sprinkler head to reach up over the ferns so the water reaches all parts of the garden.

What a difference from where we started, to where we left off, to where we are now.

Small projects are awesome.