Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Additions

I already told you about the new patio furniture, but here are a few other new additions that just make me happy.

Picked this up at my parent's property this past weekend.  Perfect, right?  It's a very heavy rock with a natural indentation that holds water.  I think the birds are going to love it.

I added a new set of glasses for the kitchen.  I still have the old green and amber ones, but so many had broken that a new whole set was needed.  Now I have 30 new ones in 3 different sizes.

This cut little owl had been my grandmother's.  Knowing I have a thing for owls right now, my dad thought I might like to have it.  He was right.  So cute in the owl bathroom.  Circa 1970's?

After working so hard to make my pantry cute, I knew I couldn't put the old fold up step stool back into the space.  A trip to IKEA netted me this very nice little wooden one that fits right under the shelves and is easy to move if I need to reach something in the kitchen cabinets.

Last but not least are these kitchen towels.  My old ones were so ratty and stained.  It was way past time for a replacement.  There are two more in the drawer that match these.

Small things, but each is new to the house so I wanted to share.  They all make me happy.