Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1 Summer Break: The Pantry

Today was the first day of summer vacation.  After spending a few hours at work saying good bye to my coworkers, I opted to take on the small project of cleaning out my pantry.

It's amazing I can find anything in here.

It was a cluttered mess so I started by emptying it completely to wipe down the shelves.

That's about the time it ceased to be a quick and easy project.  I pulled out some leftover paint from the owl bathroom project and painted the walls behind the shelves a nice grey.

Then I ran back to town to get some shelf paper for the shelves and cut it to fit.  I couldn't wait to have them all in place to start putting things back in.  No patience.

After everything was put back it seems much easier to find things.

I threw a lot of stuff away in the process; mostly items that had been opened and just needed to go since they were no longer fresh.

The color makes me happy as well.

I can't change the fact it is a small space.  I actually designed it that way since it is just Breck and me.

But now I think my small space works much better.

Next stop, the cleaning supply closet.  Well, may be in a few more days.  Let the summer break begin.