Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bluebonnet Seed Harvest

Way back in April the bluebonnets were past their prime and going to seed.  Before mowing down the old plants I clipped several stems with seed pods (Bluebonnet Seeds and Critters), put them in an old pillow case, and brought them in the house to dry.  Since then I have done nothing with them.  I actually kinda forgot I had them.  Today, though I found them and decided it was time to harvest seeds.

It was nice to just sit at the table and pop open the pods.

I didn't come close to filling my little jar, but there were still plenty of seeds.  Next year I will gather more.

I'll pop this jar in the back of my refrigerator until the first of October when it will be time to plant them.

I won't keep these for myself, I have plenty of bluebonnets that come up in the yard.  These I will give away.

With instructions on planting, of course.  One weird trick to planting bluebonnets is to put the seeds in the freezer over night, remove them, pour boiling water over them and let them soak for a few hours before spreading in the yard or garden.  Strange, but this scarifies the very hard coating on the seeds so they will germinate.  Much easier that the other two methods:  rubbing with sandpaper or scratching with a knife.  For more on bluebonnet seeds click here.