Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Much Needed Upgrade

Let me start with confessing that this is embarrassing.

Our back porch (patio?) is just a hodge podge of furniture that we brought from our last house.

Some of it was by our pool and some pieces were indoors in our sun room.  But none of it belongs in our new space.  Especially now that our "new space" is going on 3 years old.  Embarrassing.

To remedy the problem of chronic embarrassment, I took a trip to town and bought some new patio furniture.  The Lowe's guy had to take it out of the box to fit it into the car.

After a 14 mile drive with the hazard lights on, I arrived home with everything safe and sound.

Boy did they super wrap the heck out of it.

I could hardly wait to get it set up.  Cushions, even!  Love.

After one more trip to buy another grouping, I got it set up and ready for use.

It looks so much better now, the chairs and love seats can be moved around to make other seating groups.

I definitely won't be embarrassed to have the neighbors over now.

I'm glad I went back for a second grouping.  I can now seat 8 with 2 love seats and 4 chairs, and have 2 coffee tables as well.

Bring on the sunsets and sangria!

I'm a happy girl.  Now some accessories for the tables are in order.  And Breck says he will cut a couple logs down to make tables to go with the single chairs at either end of the porch.  But that's another post.