Sunday, May 12, 2013

Planting For Mother's Day

After planting the shade garden yesterday I began to contemplate putting in a trellis and vine at the edge of our patio.  Breck and I decided it was a good idea and a fun thing to do on Mother's Day.

We headed to town and picked up 41 feet of 1/8" cable (only 32 cents a foot), 14 screw eyes (about $4), and two cable connecters (88 cents a piece), and one Coral Honeysuckle Vine ($20).

The humming birds are going to LOVE this.

We drilled holes every 5 1/2 inches up the center of the post with 7 holes on each side, then screwed the screw eyes into the holes.

I know it looks like Breck did all the work, but he didn't, I worked too.  But someone had to take the pictures, right?

Once the eyes were in, we strung the cable back and forth through them.

We tightened a connector at each end to keep the cable in place.

15 minutes later we were finished.

Breck did take over at this point and dug a nice hole for the vine.

And as always, he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

We took the supports that were in the pot out and laced the branches through the cable to give it a start.

Now it makes a nice backdrop for a chair and table at the end of the patio.

Looks just like I planned it yesterday only with one vine instead of two, remember?

I love little projects like this that can be accomplished with a small investment of money and time.  Now on to a nice glass of something cold.

Happy Mother's Day!