Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One More: Cleburne State Park

I know you may be ready to see me do something other than go on about our state park trips, but I have one more to show you . . . then we can get back to some cooking and sewing.  On our way home from Dallas on Sunday we stopped into Cleburne State Park.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting to be there long based on the website description about its mountain biking trails.  My husband and sons love to mountain bike, not me, and I worried we would be over run by bikers.  Not so.

The first thing I saw when we got out of the car and hit the trail was this lovely flower.  Looks so much like a hibiscus flower.

Comanche Campfire
These guys were second, and just too cute.

One of the amazing things about this park was its diversity.  By the time we were finished, my husband commented that it seemed as if we had visited 4 different parks.  It had its knee high grassy prairies . . .

And deep shade narrow dirt trails.

Very narrow, and sometimes we needed (okay, Breck needed) to duck.

Some trails ran semi-flat along the lake . . .

Juniper tree
and others required a bit of effort to climb up the lose, ankle-breaker rocks.

25% grade up loose rock
Do you get tired of seeing spring flowers?  Not me, but I do try and show you new flowers at each park.  Here are a few I haven't seen before.

White Beardtongue
I love the way the flowers open from curled buds just like its namesake.

Scorpion Weed
And my word, did this guy let me get close or what!

Texas Earless Lizard
 You know I love squirrels.

Fox Squirrel
Slightly blurry butterfly, sorry.

Variegated Fritillary
This strange contraption is a watering system for birds.  Its made from funnels that collect and pool the water at each level.  I may need to make one of these.  Good blog post idea, I think.

One trail takes you up a nice bluff of limestone to a wonderful view of the lake.  Stunning.

I would never have leaned back on this tree over a 50 foot drop for a photo op, but my husband is crazy.

Another great park.  Now back to cooking and sewing.

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