Monday, May 20, 2013

Number 19: The Battleship Texas

Breck is a bit of a history enthusiast.  Going to the Battleship Texas State Historical Site located in the 1,200 acre San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site (each counts as one of the 93 parks in the SP system).was a real treat for him.  This is another iPhone post since I somehow left home without my camera's backup battery.

He and I do history differently.  I love the artifacts, and he loves to read and absorb the details.

Doesn't he look happy.

The usual fee to get on board is $12 per person, but with a State Park Pass we entered for free.  Once aboard we were able to wander and get a feel for life on a battleship.

Doctor's Office
Sick Bay

Navigation Bridge
And from the upper deck there is an amazing view of the San Jacinto Monument just a short drive away.

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