Sunday, May 19, 2013

Number 18: Sheldon Lake State Park

When will I learn to never underestimate a Texas State Park?  My expectations for Sheldon Lake State Park were low, so when planning a trip to the San Jacinto Monument and USS Texas I thought I would squeeze in a quick trip that I assumed would take about an hour to see in full.  When will I learn to never underestimate a Texas State Park.  All the photos were taken with my telephoto lens.  I didn't want to take my eyes off the landscape to change.  But, oh boy, my macro would have been fun.  By the way, this park DOES NOT charge an entrance fee.  

This is not a good hiking park if you are looking to get a lot of exercise.  The trails are short and flat.  The shade was great though.

When you visit this park it is all about the wildlife that call the numerous ponds home.

The lotus flowers and lilies are stunning.

And yes, it's south Texas, so there are alligators.

And birds?  Oh, you bet.

Little Blue Heron with a juvenile Little Blue Heron in the background
This guy surprised me so I am not steady in my shot.  My hands were following the flight path so everything is blurry.  I would love to go back just to practice bird flight photos.

Wood Stork
Juvenile White Ibis

I want one of these.  Anybody want to build me one?  I have the wood.  It would look great in my front rock garden.  The upright logs on the back are recessing and set in the ground with the seat , seat back, arm, and lower support added on.  Love it.  Moving on . . .

There is also an 82-foot viewing tower that allows you to see for 15 miles in all directions.  The elevator is run by solar power.  So cool.

The view is worth it, but take the stairs.  Each level is awesome and the breeze a welcome relief.

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