Sunday, May 5, 2013

Number 15: Fort Parker State Park

Breck and I have been planning a trip to Dallas for this weekend for quite awhile.  Since we were headed that direction anyway we wanted to fit a few of the local State Parks into our itinerary.  The first park was Fort Parker State Park on our way out of town after work on Friday.

We had the place to ourselves, which seems to be the norm this time of year.

Since it was late in the evening the shadows were long and the light amazing.

And of course there were flowers.


Along the trail was a cemetery.

Many of the graves were unkempt with broken stones and monuments.

Other parts were well weeded and maintained.

And this headstone was amazing.  So many fonts were used by the mason that carved it, and I love that it tells a story.

Back on the trail the sun continued to set.

This may be my favorite shot of the day with the light on the lake water.

This maybe my second favorite.

From the trail we saw these very large fish picking skittering bugs off the water's surface.

Any fishermen out there that can tell me what these are?  They were big.

Did I mention the fading light?  It was beautiful.  A real treat since so often our hikes are in the morning.

This was a first.  Even though our feeder at home is buffet for 10's of Cardinals, this was the first time I had seen a feather from one.

You know me.  I HATE to have my picture taken, but the bridge was nice and Breck was insistent   I still have on my work badge!

We saw a lot of birds but you will notice no photographs.  Though I learned my lesson and kept my camera on at all times, I forgot one glaringly obvious step and left my lens cap on.  While crossing over a marsh we had a Great Blue Heron fly about 10 feet over our heads.  I whipped my camera around, but because of my lens cap I missed the shot.  I really hope I get past making these mistakes.

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