Friday, May 24, 2013

Inhibitors Doing What They Do Best

It all started simply enough.  I printed the pattern for my quilt block and settled in for a few hours of sewing.

By the time I trimmed up the pattern and cut it into pieces, you will notice I had a friend.

Inhibitor #1 had heard me and came to be a part of the fun the center of attention.

Looks comfy,doesn't he?

I plugged on, though, cutting and piecing, but it wasn't much longer before Inhibitor #2 realized something was going on and came to join us.  See him in the background?

Hard to believe that I was able to find enough room on my cutting table to get anything done.

But I did.

Now I have one more block completed and got to spend some quality time with my boys as well.

Have I told you lately how much I HATE Y-seams?  They are hideous.  I may never perfect the technique.

You can see all my completed blocks at My Dear Jane Experience.