Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cold-Blooded Beauties

Look what I found in the backyard.  You should have seen me running through the house to grab my camera.  I wanted to get some shots of this guy before he got away.  I know.  I'm strange.  But I love everything about living in the country, including the critters.

Juvenile Rat Snake
The eyes fascinated me: round, inside square, inside round.  And don't worry, he isn't poisonous.

Honestly, he was so patient with me; understandably cautious, but he didn't seem frightened.

 I got off 47 shots before he decided the photo shoot was over and wandered away.

And just in case you missed my other snake posts, and you are not too creeped out by the cold-blooded critters, here are a few of my favorite pictures.  All these were taken here at the house.

Timber Rattler in the driveway
Corn Snake in the front yard
Copperhead curled up in the landscaping
Coral Snake in my driveway garden
Rat Snake in my Dogwood Tree