Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Simple Transplant

Have you ever seen Passion Vine?  I saw some in a nursery last year for the first time and only recognized it because I had found some growing wild in my neighborhood.  I was out checking a hog trap and came across it growing in the path.  (see Passionflower and Other Beauties).  While on a walk this weekend I found a large patch of it growing by the road.

All the rain we have had the past two season has really helped it take off this year.

I have wanted to try some in the yard, so yesterday I grabbed  two plant containers that I have not returned to Lowe's yet (did you know you can take them back and they will reuse/recycle them?), a couple plastic bags to protect my car, a shovel, and my favorite man, and went to dig a couple up.

There isn't a lot to the root structure so they came up easily.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them when we got home.

Breck brought these hollow logs up from the wood pile a few weeks ago for a project I just don't have the tools to do.  Cute planters in the landscape for the vines, right?

But after a little thought, I decided I wanted to get the roots all the way in the ground so they would get the moisture they need without me needing to baby them.  So we got them in the ground, albeit a little droopy from the transplant shock.

A little water from the rain barrel to set the dirt around the roots, a little sunshine, and a good nights rest and one is recovering nicely today.

The other may not make it, but I'm not ruling it out.

If they do well, I may get a couple more to plant on the back barbed wire fence.