Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New Garden In The Shade

You may notice that the photos in this post look a little different from my others.  It's because my amazing, thoughtful, awesome husband bought me an iPhone5 for Mother's Day.  I have never had a smart phone before (there is a learning curve here), and I am really enjoying getting to know all its abilities.  First on the list is learning to use the camera.  That said, all the photos below were taken with my new toy.

Breck and I wanted to plant a shade garden so we headed to Lowe's to pick up some supplies.

The garden will be in the shade so we stuck with hosta, caladium, and fern.

We knew we would need to raise the bed so we also threw in some soil.

Much of the area had nothing growing in it since it never gets sunlight.  We have had a tremendous amount of rain here (6 inches on Thursday alone) so the grass in the rest of the garden pulled up easily.  Yes, that's my finger over the lens on the left.  Learning curve, remember?

Breck brought out the tools and we got started.

We stirred up a nest of pill bugs.  I'll put out some beer tonight for them or they will surely strip the ferns.

Ta-da.  Breck put in a rock border using some stones we had laying around the property.

And since we have had so much rain, I used water from our rain barrel to water everything in.

I am thinking some flowering vines on a wire trellis made by stringing some cable through eye hooks on the posts would provide some nice late afternoon shade to our back porch and make a mock wall to put a chair and table in front of.

Here is how it would screen the back porch and provide some nice color to our bedroom view.

Not bad for a few hours work.  Do you like the trellis idea?