Friday, April 5, 2013

Tea Sandwiches Must Not Have Crusts

Little sandwiches with the crusts carefully cut away are the things of little girl tea parties . . . or Friday afternoon lunches with the coworkers.

Some thin sliced seedless English cucumber (love my mandolin),

softened cream cheese with chives and a pinch of salt,

a sprinkle of fresh dill,

and some good white bread ( with the crusts carefully cut away, remember),

make yummy little finger sandwiches.

This was just one of the sandwiches we served today.

I also made a blue cheese and walnut tea sandwich with cranberries.

And Krystina brought her mother's amazing Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.

She has also passed on the recipe (lucky us), sort of.  You see, mom is not a measurer.  Here is what she puts in, but you will have to adjust the ingredient amounts to your taste.  She uses 4 kinds of cheddar ranging from extra sharp to mild, some chopped Spanish purple onion, chopped dill (not sweet) pickle, mayonnaise  black pepper and pimentos.   Yum.  But as with the other sandwiches, you have got to cut off the crusts.