Monday, April 22, 2013

Park Number 14: Lake Tawakoni State Park

Since we were in the Dallas area for a birthday party this weekend anyway, we decided to squeeze in a state park Sunday before heading home: Lake Tawakoni State Park.

I really didn't expect much.  This is a very small park with lots of great fishing if you are into that, but few hiking trails.  Honestly, I worried I was not going to get enough interesting photos to even make a blog post.

It's good to be wrong.  The trails were shady and the trees fascinating.

You just can't beat Texas spring wildflowers for color.

Indian Paintbrush
Texas Vervain
This guy was tiny.  Another perfect beauty for a fairy garden.

Texas Aster

So many butterflies, as well.  They are much more difficult to get good photos of since they are always on the move.

And I know spiders can be creepy, but boy were they interesting.  Look at all the pollen trapped in this guy's web.

This little lizard, though, taught me a lesson that I really needed to learn.  I have the habit of shutting off my camera after each shot.  Bad.  By the time I spotted this guy 20 feet up a tree, turned on my camera, and got him in the frame (all the while he is moving, mind you), I was only able to get this blurry shot of his backside.  I need to keep my camera on at all times so I don't keep missing great photo opportunities.

Even thought the park is relatively small, the lake is huge.

Erosion has not been kind, however.  The lake on this day was 5.17 feet below it's full line leaving the root balls of these guys exposed (

Same with this one which is still hanging on by its tap root at the shore line.

I really didn't need to see these bird tracks to know there were birds around.  We heard and saw several while hiking in the woods.

Once out on the shore line we saw even more.

Great Egret and Blue-Winged Teal
Great Blue Heron
Male Mallard and some other species of duck
And of course there were American Coots.

American Coots
There always are.  I really need to learn to take better action wildlife photos.  I'll spend some time researching that this week before our next trip.

The sunset over Buffalo, Texas was the perfect shot to end our day.  No Sangria.  I was driving.

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