Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Went With An Old Texas Theme

I have been waiting to do a final post on the owl bathroom for a couple of reasons.  I was hoping to have the last of the accessories bought and in place, for one, but I'm not sure when that will happen.  And secondly, I figured you guys might be a little tired of seeing post after post on the subject.  Sorry if the latter is true for you because here we go with one last post.

I picked the three photos to use in the existing frames.   For the 2 x 3 inch frame on the shelf over the toilet I went with the wooden siding on the old train from Rusk, Texas.

I also decided to leave it in color since it had the touches of blue (no doubt lead paint) similar to the stripe up high on the wall.

Also on this shelf is my monotype.  It's a beautiful piece my husband bought for me in New Mexico.

It was made by Randall La Gro and is absolutely amazing.

In one of the frames I went with a 5 x 5 of the knob from the old church in Alto, Texas which has since fallen down.

And the old gas station in North Zulch, Texas made the wall as well.

It seems I have a theme now.  I will add more photos in some other white frames and also a rug, magazine rack, new trash can and maybe something else for the counter, but I am ready to move on and focus my energy on another project.  Goodness knows I have a list.