Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bluebonnet Seeds and Critters

I came home from work today and thought to myself, "Sandi, you really ought to get out the tractor and mow down the wildflower meadow."  I took my advice, left the car in the driveway, but grabbed the camera to get a few shots first.

It is definitely scruffy looking now that the flowers are going to seed.  Except of course my prized Indian Paintbrush.

I even found a flower that was still hanging on that I had not photographed yet.

But honestly, my grand plan to mow came to an end when I saw this guy.

And when I started to pay a little more attention, I found he had about a dozen more friends close by.  And still more in other areas of the yard.  They were having a field day with the milk weed.  Soon to be butterflies?  Maybe, but the fact that they are so hairy means they are probably moths.  I just know now that I have seen them, I can't cut them down.  I'll wait a few more days and see what they do.

As for the bluebonnets, they are way past prime and their seed pods are getting ready to burst.  Here are some pods that are still on the green side.

Some of the pods are a little closer to opening.  The seeds in these pods are a little drier, but still not ready.

And still others have now opened and spilled their seeds.  I love the way the opened pods look like little spiral staircases.  The seeds from these pods are much drier.  I collected several pods in an old pillow case to bring inside to dry.

There are a few bluebonnet holdouts.  The flowers are small, but the lady bugs don't care.  There were almost as many of them as there were caterpillars.

I love my yard.