Monday, April 1, 2013

An Unexpected Fairy Garden

I don't have much to say about the following post.  It's one of those photographic things that will speak for itself.  It all began before sunrise Friday morning when my internet was down, I had men sleeping late, and I picked a weed on my way to the mailbox.  As you know, weeds are like potato chips and you just can't stop at one.  As the sun came up there was a change in the weeds I was pulling; they began to bloom.  Tiny (and I mean TINY) little flowers opened their petals to the morning sun.  I of course ran inside (quietly ran inside as not to wake the men) and grabbed my camera and macro lens.  As I pulled more weeds I took more pictures and found a true Fairy Garden growing in my yard.  All the flowers you see below are equally as small as the first.  Yes, folks, that is a dime.

Just a reminder; these are very small flowers.  You could walk right past them and not notice their beauty.

This might be my favorite little guy.  Love the color and the detail.  Can you see the purple fringe on the petals?

There were more, but every photograph is not a good photograph so those went to Recycling Bin heaven.  I also found some happy inhabitants in my Fairy Garden.

Who knew ladybugs were so shy!  No matter how I tried to get in position to see her face, she always managed to turn her back on me.

Lastly, much larger than my tiny treasures, is this wonderful dandelion   My husband hates them.  I am not a big fan either.  But how lovely it looks when you stop to appreciate the detail.

Anybody else thinking Horton Hears a Who?